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Custom Shower Curtains

Ensure your bathrooms reflect your personal sense of style with custom shower curtains. Add the logo of your favorite team, create custom artwork that perfectly matches your color scheme, or embellish your curtain with classic art for a unique look. You can even use these shower curtains in hotel rooms or rental establishments to tie the look of each room together.
  • Made of 100 percent softened polyester, these shower curtains hang well, hold up to long-term use, and help keep your floor dry.
  • With their 69-inch by 70-inch size, these shower curtains fit well in standard-sized shower stalls and bathtubs, providing ample coverage.
  • The 12 reinforced eyelets on these shower curtains hold them securely in place without sagging or draping, keeping your space looking great.
$64.99 Each
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  • Comes in one size: 69" x 70"
  • 100% softened polyester
  • Standard size with 12 stitch-enforced eyelets for hanging
  • Easy to design
  • Image region can be up to 69"x70"
1 Shower Curtain $64.99 Each
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