Design a custom embosser to put your company logo or personal seal on documents, postcards, books, and any other paper item. Embossers are handheld devices that crimp raised text and shapes on paper. Businesses and individuals use them to leave messages and marks of approval on different paper. Staples® offers a convenient service to help shoppers design and create embossers with custom imprints.

Why Get an Embossing Stamp
While a rubber stamp imprints ink on paper, an embosser makes ridges by pinching the surfaces of the paper. These ridges form permanent impressions that don't block printed text. Unlike a hand stamp, the mark made by an embosser lasts longer and doesn't bleed or run. Embossed words and images also have a desirable tactile feel, creating a more elegant look than printed ink. Businesses use embossed seals to give important documents more weight.

The Many Ways to Use a Personalized Embosser
Companies use personalized embossers to leave executive seals on contracts, checks, and other business documents. Retailers and manufacturers emboss product packaging to mark high-quality goods. Individuals also use customized embossers to leave personalized impressions on documents and mail. Create an address stamp with an embosser to leave your contact details on letter envelopes. People with personal libraries often use embossers as ex-libris stamps to leave seals of ownership on their books. They may also use them to stamp their initials on other possessions. Impress invitees by marking event invitation cards with embossed designs. Embossers are key equipment when notarizing documents. All designed embossers can meet state regulations after submitting designs and information to Staples. Designate the state when designing and ordering.

Choose from Two Sizes of Embossers
Staples makes customized embossers in two sizes: 1.625 and 2 inches and only makes embossers with a round die for circular impressions. These figures represent the widths of the embossing die. Shoppers can choose between pocket and desk models. A pocket unit is ideal for individual use while traveling, or moving about an office or plant. Contact Staples customer service to order.

Please note: Customers are to contact Customer Service to order, or visit a Staples store near you.

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Pocket Embossers

starting at $35.99

You can make your mark on the go with the convenience of a round pocket embosser. This allows you to take your professional seal with you when you’re visiting clients or on the road. 2 sizes: 1.65" and 2."

Desk Embossers

starting at $41.99

These heavy-duty desk embossers can handle heavier stocks of paper and to press a deeper imprint onto the paper. Make your very best impression every time to use your seal.

Sizes and styles for every need.

Whether you're using them on your desk or on the go, embossers are designed for both business and personal use. Add a special message or seal on everything from promotional materials to official documents to wedding invitations. Desk and pocket embossers are available in two sizes.

Available Sizes:

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