Staples | Custom Stamps: Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Stamps: Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about custom stamps.


Q: Do I need a rubber, self–inking, or pre–inked stamp?

A:  The type of stamp you need largely depends on how frequently you plan to use it.

Type of stamp Use How it works Advantages
Rubber Infrequent Requires a traditional stamp pad (sold separately). 
Least expensive
Self–inking Medium volume Has a built–in stamp pad, which the stamp flips and hits each time it’s used. Built–in stamp pad is replaceable. 
Ideal for rapid, repeat stamping
Pre–inked High volume – delivers over 50,000 impressions before it needs re–inking Stamp is a solid block of hardened ink that releases just enough ink to create the impression.  Top of the line – can be re–inked. Comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against breakage. 


Q: What ink colors are available?

A: Choose from five ink colors: black, blue, red, green, and purple.

If you need help ordering a custom stamp please call a Staples print specialist at 800–547–7224, ext. 35688.


Q: What font styles are available?

A: Hundreds of font styles are available. Times, Courier, Veranda, Helvetica, Ariel, New Century, or Script are the mostly commonly used, according to the Staples print specialists. What font–size should you use? Consider these recommendations:

Line number Frequently used size
First line 11–point for a basic six–line stamp

16–point for a stamp designed to highlight your name
Following lines 9–point for a basic six–line stamp

11–point for a basic four–line stamp


Q: What is the maximum number of characters allowed per line?

A: The Staples print specialists recommend sticking to a maximum of 25 to 30 characters per line. However, if you require more, try reducing the font size. This way you'll be able to fit more characters per line, but they will be smaller and possibly more difficult to read.


Q: May I put my business' logo on the stamp?

A: Yes. You may either email your logo to a Staples print specialist or upload it directly into the system. Either way, it must be in one of the following formats: JPEG, .tif, .gif, .eps.

If you prefer, you may also mail a hardcopy of your logo to the Staples Custom Print Department. At this time, you may not fax your logo. Important reminder: Do not send artwork that you need to have returned.

For more information about emailing or mailing your logo, please call a Staples print specialist at 800–547–7224, ext. 35688.

Stock logos

Q: What kind of stock logos are available?

A: There are a variety of stock logos available in categories such as food and beverage, law, map icons, mascots, medical, monograms, people, real estate, sports, transportation, religion, and more.


Q: What size stamps do you sell?

A: Stamps come in a variety of sizes. Of the standard stamps, the smallest stamp is ½" x 1 3/8", the largest is 2¾" x 5". There are several sizes in between the smallest and largest. If you have a special request, stamps can be custom ordered in virtually any size. When a very large format stamp is required, rubber stamps are the most cost effective.

Signature stamps

Q: Do you offer signature stamps?

A: Yes. To order a signature stamp you must email or mail a hardcopy of your signature to a Staples print specialist. The email or hardcopy must provide your signature three times, written with a black felt tip pen.

For more information about signature stamps, please call a Staples print specialist at 800–547–7224, ext. 35688.

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