Using Your Business Cards

Snappy Apps for Scanning Business Cards

You've just come off of a networking binge and have a stack of awesome new connections by way of business cards. So, how do you sort and organize all of them?

Previously, it used to be a mind- and finger-numbing task of manually entering each contact into a spreadsheet or digital Rolodex®. Today, there are a number of business card scanners and apps that can help you keep your contacts organized and easily accessible. 

Mobile Business Card Scanner Apps
Whether you're an iPhone® devotee or an Android™ aficionado, there are a bunch of business card scanner apps that will help you stay organized. They all use your device's camera to capture and transfer contact information from your cards. Plus they're all relatively inexpensive. Here are a few of our picks for the best iOS and Android business card scanner apps.

WorldCard Mobile — Compatible with both iPhone and iPad® devices that use iOS 6 or higher, this app supports scanning business cards in languages ranging from English to Japanese. It also allows for handy backup to iCloud to transfer contacts to your computer.

FoxCard Pro — This business card scanner app synchs with iOS's native Contacts app and even includes photos, so you can put a face to the name. FoxCard Pro also lets you keep your contacts private without linking them to Facebook or LinkedIn.

ScanBizCards Lite — This Android business card reader supports 22 different languages and allows you to both digitally and manually input data from your business card collection. Added bonus: It integrates with Salesforce and several other CRMs.

Evernote — This iPhone app works seamlessly with LinkedIn to reel in more info about that contact. Click “Save to Contacts” and you're golden. 

Apps that Integrate with Email
Here are several great apps that will scan your business card information and drop it directly into your Outlook or Gmail contact list.



Work Seamlessly with Salesforce
If you're in sales, chances are you already work with Salesforce. So it's all about finding an app that will work with it, too. FullContact (mentioned earlier), Business Card Reader Pro and CamCard Business are all designed to pull in contacts from your business cards and export directly to Salesforce. 

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