Using Your Business Cards

Quick Ways to Organize and Store Business Cards

You've just networked like crazy, handed out a ton of cards and received quite a few in return. And you're sitting at your desk looking at a pile of business cards that you've collected. Okay, so now what?

Well, it's time to get organized. And depending on how tech savvy you are, there are several different options for your business card storage. 

Old School
If you're not a huge fan of technology, you can organize and store your business cards the time-honored way — in a binder, book or holder.

  • Binders — Repurpose a 3-ring binder to hold business cards by using Avery Tabbed Business Card Pages. Each page holds up to 20 cards. You can add or subtract pages from your binder, then simply store it on a shelf with your other binders.
  • Cases — Another option is the Samsonite Vinyl Business Card Case. It's sleek, professional and holds 140 business cards. Due to its compact size, this case is ideal to take with you to trade shows and networking events.
  • Holders — Looking for something a little more upscale? Try the Samsill Sterling Business Card Holder, which carries up to 160 cards. With its stylish cover and rugged construction, this type of business card holder will stand the test of time and make a great first impression. 

New School
If you are comfortable with computers and looking to declutter your office space, consider investing in a business card scanner. The NeatDesk Desktop Premium Scanner allows you to scan and digitally store important documents, receipts and business cards. 

Voila! No more piles of papers and batches of business cards.

If you live with your smartphone by your side and need to organize your business cards, well, there are business card scan apps for that.

  • For iPhone® Users — The Evernote Business Card Reader, at just $6.99, has become an increasingly popular app for digitally storing business cards. Download the app and snap a photo of your cards with your mobile device's camera. Each card is instantly recognized, digitized and converted into editable text that becomes a contact note.
  • For Android™ UsersCamCard allows for quick and simple big-batch card entry. It also enables you to photograph business cards and wait to verify them later, unlike other apps which make you verify immediately. Like Evernote, CamCard is also $6.99.

Ready to create your own eye-catching business cards?