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Make a lasting impression with potential clientele to increase your company's customer base. Loose flyers and catalogs can get lost in the shuffle. Attractive handouts in custom presentation folders provide well-organized information for examination by decision makers. These folders are useful for school projects and company reports as well. You can also use a presentation folder to make a school assignment or company report look more professional.

Present Information in a Custom Presentation Folder
The handout is an important element of company marketing. A folder opening to two front pages of important and unique information gives viewers an overall picture of the company's talents. An informational DVD fits nicely into a front pocket. A business card slipped into a die-cut slot conveniently puts follow-up information in the customers' hands

In addition to giving a customer information, pocket folders are a valuable tool for daily office activities. They are an efficient method for disseminating information at company conferences and job fairs. New employees appreciate receiving their forms, manuals and health insurance information in a neatly organized package.

Attract Attention with a Presentation Folder
Choose from a myriad of glossy or matte colors. These folders usually feature heavy-duty paper with a smooth or textured surface. To secure a bundle of three-hole punched paper, many designs also come with clasps inside.

Folders are available in a range of dimensions. Some accommodate the usual letter-size papers used in the office, several full folders fit neatly in a briefcase. A larger size holds longer flyers and is clearly visible on an easel. A smaller size is a good fit for folded brochures.

How Can You Enhance a Folder's Cover?
Blank printable folders offer an easy way to be creative and add color to handouts. They usually have a smooth or glossy surface and come with one or two pockets. They are available in the same size choices as standard presentation folders. Software is available to help you create your design. Poly portfolios with a clear front cover accommodate printed graphics that reflect the purpose of the meeting. These folders often come with interior pockets and a business card slot to store loose papers and contact information.

Is a Custom Printed Folder Practical?
For a professional look, custom printing is a good strategy. Staples provides printing services so your materials can display your chosen lettering and images. The system lets you upload logos and other design elements to make the process easy and convenient. Many custom presentation folders are made of durable plastic with glossy or matte surfaces. Add the company logo, the title of the presentation and other information when placing your order. Printing telephone numbers, email addresses and other contact information on a card that slips into the die-cut slot lets you easily update information without ordering a complete reprint.

Can You Order Custom Printed Folders in Small Batches?
Order customized presentation folders in batches of 250. For smaller batches, Staples can print high-quality pages for use in clear view folders. Purchase them in batches as small as 25 copies.

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