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Personalized coasters provide an excellent way to keep your business in the mind of clients and customers. Hand them out as promotional giveaways, or use them in your lobby or waiting room to protect your furniture. Use them in your restaurant to create a consolidated theme at each table.
  • Encourage patrons to keep your tables neat and tidy using these waterproof and spill-resistant coasters. This protects your expensive furniture investment, making them a cost-effective and attractive option.
  • The 3.75-inch square size of each tile coaster in this set of four provides ample room for glasses, cans and bottles, and accommodates both hot and cold drinks.
  • Embellish these coasters with the logo of your company or custom artwork that complements your decor. Alternately, print them with up to four different photos to create customized gifts for clients, customers, friends and family.
  • Slip-proof cork backing on each coaster keeps it firmly in place on your tabletop, reducing the risk of spills.
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  • Set of 4 3.75" square tile coasters
  • Slip-proof cork backing
  • Spill resistant and waterproof
  • Suitable for hot and cold beverage
  • Image printed on top
  • 4"x4" image region
Tile Coaster
Set of 4 Unique Photo Coasters
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