At Staples, doing right is just as important as doing well. That’s why we hold all our associates to the highest standards of honesty, fairness and integrity. We also work hard to ensure all of our associates, suppliers and partners understand and abide by our ethical standards.


The Staples Code of Conduct sets forth Staples’ expectations for ethical conduct, outlines how to take action if issues arise, and establishes best practices for anyone acting on our behalf.


In addition to offering quality products at a great price, Staples holds its suppliers to a standard of labor practices, human rights and environmental responsibility.
Learn more in our Supplier Code of Conduct

EthicsLink Help Line

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Empowering Associates

We’ve implemented programs to ensure Staples associates have a comprehensive understanding of ethics issues and how to deal with them.

Ethics at Work

Staples Code of Conduct embodies our commitment to high ethical standards. It explains core expectations regarding ethical conduct and business practices and includes guidelines to help associates deal appropriately with a broad range of issues like:

- Insider trading and customer privacy
- Discrimination and harassment
- How to ask questions and voice concerns about ethics issues
- Processes for reporting and handling violations

Our Code of Conduct is relevant and user-friendly and is written to be easily understood.

Engaging associates on ethical issues

A successful ethics program requires a company-wide commitment to conducting business with integrity. Staples encourages all associates to take an active role in understanding, discussing and exploring ethics issues. We do so with ethics and compliance training, internal awareness campaigns, employee websites, an Ethics Help Line and regular communications from corporate leaders.

Associate Resources

Staples EthicsLink serves as a 24/7 ethics resource for all associates. Through this help line, associates can ask for guidance on ethical and compliance issues and report suspected ethics violations. It’s available online or accessible via phone in multiple languages. While hosted by a third party, it is administered by Staples, which receives all reports to ensure proper follow-up and, when needed, immediate action.

For more information, please visit Staples EthicsLink.