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Infocus Projectors

InFocus projectors work well for entertainment or business purposes. They have several series with many models available to suit home, professional and casual users alike. Advanced features help create a versatile tool that easily streams videos, displays photos and presents slide presentations. At Staples, you'll find a variety of projectors with the features you need most.

High Resolutions Provide Clear Pictures
InFocus projectors come with varying resolutions, including 800 x 600 SVGA, 1024 x 768 XGA, 1280 x 800 WXGA and 1920 x 1080 1080p displays. Those who plan to use it casually will find that an SVGA suffices, but for the clarity that's needed for 3D movies or gaming experiences, a higher resolution is recommended. Some projectors have interchangeable color wheels, and let users blend or warp images.

In addition to resolution, shoppers should consider lumens. Most models range between 700 and 8300 lumens with the use of LED lamps that provide long-lasting life. They help conserve energy and eliminate excessive maintenance, keeping operational costs low with up to 30,000 hours of life when used in economy mode. Dual lamps protect against burnout, as one lamp will continue to work even if the other burns out. Choose a unit with DLP technology for a seamless viewing experience that produces a vivid picture by eliminating the space between pixels that causes blurriness. Those with DLP chips eliminate the need for an additional filter.

Portable Units Add On-the-Go Convenience
If you're constantly traveling to give business or educational presentations, you'll want to consider a portable InFocus projector. They have lightweight designs, weighing between 1.75 and 3.5 pounds, and are smaller, making them easy to fit into a bag or briefcase for transporting. You can also use them at home and move them between rooms as needed. In small rooms, short-throw models work best, providing a clear image from a short distance away. They work well in classrooms while extreme-throw models are better suited for large venues such as churches or performance theaters.

Connectivity Ports Increase Functionality
Some models come with slots where you can insert a USB flash drive or SD card and operate them without the need for a laptop or PC. HDMI connectivity makes it possible to stream movies or shows from a direct cable connection, and those with MHL support mobile devices for added versatility. Those with 3.5mm jacks support external speakers or headphones for increased audio options. Some let you connect peripherals such as mice to have even more control over content, and there are models that support network connections to create a streamlined device where multiple users can collaborate without interruption.

Advanced Features Enhance User Experience
Advanced features give you tools to create dynamic presentations or enjoy entertainment as it's intended. Many models support 3D capability with the use of special glasses and compatible content. Wireless and wired remotes promote simple navigation with easy-to-use interfaces. Interchangeable lenses let you change the view or add effects while a motorized lens adjustment increases efficiency. Models with 360-degree projection let you mount the unit anywhere, and select units support closed-captions for the hearing impaired.
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Infocus IN5554L WXGA DLP Projector, 7000 Lumens, 20 kg
Item : 1579846 / Model : 11029155
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  • Multimedia projector is suitable for home cinema or office presentations
  • Provides a brightness of 7000 lumens to offer brilliant display of the projected images on the screen
  • Measures 530 mm x 510 mm x 210 mm