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Office Supplies

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Staples offers a tremendous variety of office supplies that enhance productivity, keep files and reports organized, and simplify storage.

Our office supplies meet the needs of busy office managers stocking an entire business, students and telecommuters in search of transportation and storage options for notes or paperwork, or home office users who just need a paper refill for a printer.

Accessories and supplies also come in a variety of styles and colors, making it simple to find products that look good in any setting.

Office Supplies That Keep Your Work Desk Focused

Many office tasks center on the desk, and our office supply accessories keep this critical space organized and functional.

Writing supplies, such as pens, pencils, erasers and markers, streamline document creation, and fasteners, staplers and clips keep papers organized.

Use unique office supply paper products, such as sticky notes or colored index cards to highlight important reminders or create checklists, and share information with the entire team using a whiteboard or easel.

Office Supplies That Allow You To Stay On Schedule

Busy people with complicated schedules sometimes need help to stay on track.

Calendars and personal planners offer flexible meeting and event tracking, and many are portable so that users can take them on the road.

Desk accessories such as in-out trays provide chronological structure to office paperwork, and printed forms simplify and speed up repetitive tasks like tracking phone calls or recording business expenses.

Office Supplies for Better Organization

Almost every office generates paper, and it all has to go somewhere.

Use file folders and sorters to keep important documents within easy reach or organize desk drawers using hanging folders.

Implement a long-term storage solution for financial or personnel records using file storage boxes, or combine storage with presentation using pocket folders. Many filing products come in a variety of colors and have tabs and labels that make it easy to identify the information you need.

Big organization projects may also benefit from tools such as paper punches and label printers, which let you create custom document binders with labels that meet your business needs.

Office Supplies That Allow You To Work Remotely 

Whether you're hitting the road with a presentation or taking a laptop and books to class, there are office accessories designed to carry the load.

Backpacks are a comfortable and practical way to haul heavy loads, and many feature laptop and tablet sleeves that protect delicate devices from impact damage.

Briefcases are a professional-looking luggage option, and totes and handbags are an efficient way to carry personal items and smaller documents.

Office Supplies That Allow You To Ship and Mail Efficiently

Everyone needs to send letters and packages, and the right mailers, boxes and shipping accessories can save time and ensure sent items arrive in pristine condition.

Basic envelopes are fine for letters, but oversize documents, computer media and fragile parts benefit from products such as protective bubble wrap, sturdy boxes and mailing tubes.

Packing tape and tape dispensers seal boxes tightly, and labeling supplies ensure they reach their destination.

Today's home and business offices are busy places, but the right tools can simplify and speed up many office jobs.

Find the office supplies you need to handle any office task when you explore the thousands of office supplies and accessories available at Staples.


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