HP Inkjet Printers

Find inks that perform efficiently with HP inkjet printers for crisp, sharp printing. HP inks come in various types for design, document, and photography applications. Some work with enterprise printers, while others are suitable for small offices and home use. Choose from various cartridge options that include economy, standard, and high-yield options. At Staples, you can find printers and supplies, such as ink and toner cartridges, printheads, and cleaners.

Dye and pigment inks for HP inkjet printers
HP dye inks bond well with paper so that text and graphics last for long periods. Dye inks feature colorant that dissolves in liquid. The ink soaks well into paper without bleed-through to ensure clear and neat prints. Dye inks come in a wide color range and produce prints with accurate colors.

Pigment inks have tiny particles of colorant that is insoluble in water so it forms a suspension. Upon printing, these particles bond to the surface of paper. The result is text and graphics that can resist water. These inks are suitable for printing posters, brochures, and other information for both indoor and outdoor use.

HP inkjet printer inks for photography
HP inks for photography come with a special formulation that ensures vibrant photos. Some professional photo inks come in six special ink colors, including black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, and yellow. Such inks deliver smooth color transitions and enable a high level of detail in each print. Other photography inks come in the four-color format to ensure dark blacks and vivid colors.

Quick-drying inks are suitable for fast printing because they dry quickly to prevent smears and smudges. Some cartridges come with smart capabilities that track ink levels and warn users when ink is about to run out so that they can procure replacement cartridges. The cartridges are also easy to remove and install. HP inks for photography are compatible with a wide variety of paper ranging from glossy, photo, matte, and copy paper.

Can HP inkjet printer inks resist fading?
Yes. Select printer inks feature formulations that have a high resistance to UV rays so they last longer. Others have inks that resist fading whether due to factors such as heat or age. Such ink is suitable for printing contracts, pictures, and other important documents.

Can you recycle printer ink cartridges?
Some cartridges are recyclable. Others can be broken down and remanufactured into other printer parts and supplies. HP ink cartridges also meet environmental standards as the brand keeps harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and CFCs out of their manufacturing processes. The cartridges work efficiently so that prints come out right on the first go, ensuring less paper wastage. 

What is the best ink cartridges for high-volume printing?
Ink cartridges come in packs of various sizes. Cartridges are also available in economy, standard, and high-yield options for some printers. High-yield cartridges are suitable for high-volume printing and they have different yield levels depending on the type of printer. Some high-yield cartridges can produce more than 10,000 prints. These are available for enterprise HP inkjet printers. Cartridges that yield between 1,000 and 10,000 pages are suitable for medium-sized offices. For homes and small offices, consider cartridges that yield less than 1,000 pages.