HP Wide Format Printers

Find a ready supply of high-quality replacement ink cartridges to get bright, vivid prints from your HP wide format printer. A wide format printer can print on oversized pages bigger than letter- and legal-sized sheets commonly accepted by regular office and home printers. It's ideal for printing posters, banners, wallpapers, artwork, and technical drawings. Check the large selection of ink and toner cartridges at Staples to find compatible ink supplies for different HP large format printers.  

Pick the right ink cartridges for your HP wide format printer
Look for replacement ink by searching with the part numbers of cartridges shipped with the printer. HP puts these numbers on cartridge labels. Alternatively, search for inks with the model number of the printer itself. HP makes several wide format printers and offers different sets of replacement ink cartridges for each model. Before shopping for these supplies, determine the number of cartridges used by your printer model.

A typical inkjet printer needs four color inks including black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. However, some inkjets use a two-cartridge system comprising black and tri-color cartridges. The tri-color unit has three separate chambers containing cyan, magenta, and yellow inks. Some photo and wide format printers need more than four inks. These use the extra colors to produce impressively detailed graphics.

Key page yield when shopping for printer ink cartridges
Page yield is the number of pages a cartridge can print before running out. This number determines printing costs and is a key factor to consider when ordering replacement inks. HP wide format printers use both standard- and high-yield cartridges. One way to distinguish between them is to note the XL included in the product names or part numbers of high-yield units. On average, high-yield cartridges deliver twice as many pages as standard units. Therefore, they last longer and lower printing costs. They're cost-effective for users that print regularly. Standard cartridges are more affordable and ideal for homes and offices that only print occasionally.

Do HP wide format printers use printheads with integrated cartridges?
Some of the brand's DeskJet wide-format models have replaceable printheads with built-in cartridges. There's no way to separate both components. Therefore, installing ink replacements for these models requires replacing their printheads. HP offers replacement printheads in different color combinations.

Are OEM HP wide format printer ink cartridges better than non-OEM ones?
OEM units from HP offer users a high guarantee of quality prints and consistent performance. However, some non-OEM units deliver comparable performances. These third-party replacements are usually more affordable and might be the only options available for discontinued printer models. When shopping for non-OEM replacement inks, make sure that they're from reputable third-party brands.

What is the difference between remanufactured and compatible HP wide format printer cartridges?
Compatible units are new supplies manufactured by third-party brands to HP's specifications. Therefore, these are identical to OEM units. Remanufactured units reuse spent OEM cartridge shells but contain fresh inks. Non-OEM brands offering these refurbished units inspect them for defects, repair damaged ones, and replace broken parts.