Ricoh Ink Cartridges & Toner Cartridges

Ricoh Ink & toner at Staples

Enjoy the exceptional performance and smooth printer operation offered by genuine Ricoh printer cartridges. These products are engineered to the same exacting standards as Ricoh printers, and they produce consistent ink or toner coverage on every printed page. Staples carries a complete line of genuine Ricoh ink cartridges, including refills for Ricoh wide-format printers and fax machines. OEM cartridges are reliable and offer consistently high print, which isn't always the case with off-brand compatible ink cartridges. If you need professional results, stick with Ricoh printer cartridges.

Outstanding Prints
Ricoh ink cartridges provide the steady ink flow required by the extra-wide print heads used in Ricoh GELJET printers. They also use a special viscous ink that is unaffected by water, a feature unavailable in third-party compatible ink cartridges. These technologies speed the printing process and produce brilliant professional-quality images that dry instantly. Many Ricoh printer cartridges for laser printers use proprietary PxP-EQ toner, which fuses at a lower temperature and reduces operating costs. This toner uses a blend of resins and waxes that provide exceptional page coverage and color reproduction.

Convenient Cartridge Choices
Most Ricoh printer cartridges are single color units. These consumables reduce ink or toner waste during routine maintenance, since individual colors can be replaced, and partial cartridges can continue to be used. Depending on the printer, both high- and standard-yield cartridges may be available. High-yield cartridges usually have a lower cost per page, making them an ideal choice for demanding printer users; however, standard-yield cartridges have a lower upfront cost. Ricoh ink cartridges are designed for easy installation and resist spills, so replacing spent cartridges takes just a few moments and won't create a mess in the home or office.

A Green Printing Option
Ricoh printer cartridges have a number of features designed to minimize the environmental impact of Ricoh printers. Ricoh PxP-EQ toner's low fusing temperature reduces the energy consumed by the printing process. Ricoh also recovers toner resins from used paper, conserving natural resources. You can recycle Ricoh ink cartridges free of charge, removing some plastic from the waste stream.