Summertime Marketing Smarts

Don't let the conventional wisdom that "everyone's away on vacation" keep you from capitalizing on this time of the year to market your business. Keep in mind that most small–business owners are away only for a week or so. Summertime — usually mid–June through mid–September — can be a great time to step up your marketing efforts.

Review your media placements

It’s generally not a good idea to cut your usual placements in the media just because the weather is warm. Advertising works best when there is sustained action to keep your business before the public.

Cost wise, summertime may be a plus for you. If there is a decline in circulation, print media may reduce their rates for advertising. This can be viewed as a double opportunity — you not only save money, but, because of fewer ads, you have a greater chance to stand out (even if fewer readers may see you). Inquire now about summer "sales" on media rates.

Idea: Summertime can be a great time for radio advertising if this type of media suits your business. Listening for some stations is up because of radio use at the beach and during vacation driving. But be aware that some stations raise their rates at this time.

Schedule appointments

Setting up appointments during the summer months is usually easier because people’s schedules are less bogged down with fixed meetings. This is so even though coordinating vacations — yours and theirs — can be a little more challenging.

Because of added daylight hours, there’s a sense that there are more hours in the day––making it more conducive to scheduling business breakfasts or after–hours cocktail meetings.

And many people are less hurried and frantic during the summer, when bosses may be away, meetings eliminated and other activities curtailed. This makes it possible to make good connections at a more leisurely pace.

Idea: Use this time to follow up on less promising leads; these may ultimately prove more rewarding than they initially appear.

Do strategic planning

If you find that final decision–making seems to come to a halt during the summer months, don’t look on this fact as a setback. Rather, use this time to lay the groundwork for effective actions at the close of the summer months.

  • Review and revise your marketing plan.
  • Brainstorm for marketing ideas. Keep a file of your ideas so you can put them into action on a timely basis.
Barbara Weltman is a leading small business expert. Visit her website,, for more ideas and information on how to grow your business.

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