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Safety & Monitoring

The eyes and ears of your home or office.

Being nosy has its benefits.

Connect your home or office with the Staples Connect App and Universal Hub for serious peace of mind. They work together, so you always know what's going on and can immediately respond to any issues.

All the smart Safety and Monitoring products you could need. These are just the beginning.

Digital Deadbolt Lock

Remotely lock and unlock doors by using a PIN code or phone app for secure and convenient keyless entry.

Smoke/CO Alarm

Wireless alerts for dangers such as smoke/CO detection, whether you're at home or away.

IP Camera

Remotely view rooms in your home or office and set up automatic email alerts based on audio and motion detection.

Water Sensor

Wireless alerts for water detection, from minor leaks to major floods. Even helps you manage fish tanks.

Door/Window Sensor

Remotely monitor doors and windows from your PC, tablet or smartphone, and get alerts when there is activity.