The e3 panel system. The environmentally friendly solutions from Staples.

When choosing a panel system for your office, it's easy to go green thanks to Staples. With the exclusive e3 Panel System, you'll get outstanding performance and great looks. Best of all, it's very affordable, and constructed with a high content of recycled and renewable materials. It's GREENGUARD certified, which means there are less harmful gasses released than in most typical new furniture. Performance, value and, now, environmentally friendly -- all great reasons to choose this exclusive Staples® product.

The Staples e3 Panel System:
  • Is GREENGUARD certified
  • Features panels made from 60% recycled or renewable resources on average
  • Is constructed with fabrics made from 100% recycled materials
  • Uses work surfaces fabricated with 100% post-industrial wood fiber
  • Employs a universal hinge connector for easy assembly
  • Is available with innovative electrical and wire management configurations
Color palette options.
Beige color palette includes. Fusion maple work Surface. Black frame. Newport fabric. Gray color palette includes. Fashion gray work surface. gray Frame. Cape May fabric. Blue color palette includes. Putty work surface. Tan frame. Moonstone fabric.

To order or get more information, talk to a furniture specialist at 1-877-638-8001.