Tip: Expert-Level Tweaks for Your Windows 7 Office Network

A quick rename of your printers can help organize your small business.

Microsoft optimized networking with HomeGroup, a streamlined way to share files, printers and other peripherals on your local network. Some small businesses have gone a step further with a tiny tweak that saves everyone time, frustration and the potential embarrassment of sending sensitive documents to the wrong printer. By simply renaming their printers, they help prevent employees from sending stuff to the wrong place.

To rename a printer, click Start, then Devices and Printers, and then:

  1. Right-click the current printer name (e.g., Brother HL-1240).
  2. Click Printer Properties to highlight that printer’s name field.
  3. Press Delete, then type a more descriptive name (for example, Company X Mail Room).
  4. Click OK.
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