Five Small Business Cloud Apps That Can Improve Operations

Cloud computing is a relatively recent development in computing that allows a business to free up computer hard drives in favor of utilizing storage and sharing services over the Internet through small business apps. An excellent option for new businesses or those with limited resources, cloud apps are often offered free of charge for a trial period. Depending upon your needs, these apps can vary greatly in price. The following five apps offer free trials and are top-rated among reviewers.

Google Apps for Business

Google has made a name for itself in providing secure, streamlined computing, and Google Apps for Business offers the same reliability through cloud computing. When you choose to run Google cloud apps, your data is available and safe 24 hours a day with the help of a multitude of critical security features. Using small business apps that include document and spreadsheet storage allows you to keep your team informed without the need for endless emails and downloads. Any additions to documents or presentations are automatically saved to the cloud. Energy-efficient data centers power these apps, meaning more savings for you and the environment. After your free trial, the cost of using Google Apps for Business is $5 per month or $50 per year, allowing you to save money on expensive software upgrades.


Recognizing a need to stay on top of customer service relations and sales in a changing marketplace, Salesforce offers the tools for your business to track growth, create and capture leads, and more. With cloud apps that address management and marketing, Salesforce allows you to combine and share all the facets of your business. Prices for these small business apps range from $5 to $250 per month based upon your business needs. Convenient 7 to 30 day free trials are offered so you can choose the cloud app that works best for your business.


Collaborating with your team is easy with the secure sharing platform that Box provides. The cloud app lets you store and control your content safely online, with the ability to share it quickly. Mobile management is also easy on this small business app using iOS, Windows, Android, and the web, allowing you to conveniently collaborate with vendors and suppliers. The Box app allows you to choose between a team-centered cloud app for $15 per month and a larger business app at $38.50. The free trial period helps you make the choice that meets your needs.


Businesses looking for versatile cloud hosting can find it with Eleven2. Instant scalability and deployment keep up with sudden bursts of traffic and activity. The flexibility of this platform allows for self-managed or managed service with 24 hour support available. Monthly charges shift with your business needs, making Eleven2 a good choice among small business apps. Use the free trial to explore a new idea in cloud apps and web hosting.


Mozy dedicates itself to storage backup and saving bandwidth, allowing your business to run more effectively. Custom configuration within the cloud app provides the ability to set bandwidth limits and backup speeds. Military-grade encryption provides the security you need for storing and sharing sensitive business information. Mozy offers a generous 30 day free trial of its small business apps and prices start from $26.98 for a month of service.

Choosing Business Cloud Apps

With the growing appeal of cloud computing and the savings it provides business owners, finding the right cloud app from among the dozens available can be a daunting task. Free trials provide the option to choose among small business apps to find the one that fits your storage, backup, and file-sharing needs.

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