You've probably been thinking about starting your own business for a while. Maybe you've even taken the plunge and started your own company on the side. But how do you know if entrepreneurship is really for you? 


Here are 6 signs that led some entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.


#1 Seeing a Literal Sign Outside the Office


When Dr. Noor Ali realized that the sign she saw every day was a literal representation of what people needed, it made her take the leap into starting her own business to help them with their health care needs.

“The sign I received to go from medicine to health insurance was definitely “incepted” in my head by an infographic I would pass by every day on an office bulletin board.


The graphic portrayed the relationship between a health insurance company, a provider, and a patient. The insurance company would always win. The provider would make out so-so but the patient would always end up losing.


So I thought, “Someone has to stick up for that stick figure little guy!” So I took all the tests I needed to understand this industry, passed my licensing exams and certifications, and now I help guide others to make more informed decisions about their health insurance.”

- Dr. Noor Ali, MD, MPH, CPH | Dr. Noor Healthcare Advisor

#2 Experiencing a Light Bulb Moment During a Free Class

Sometimes, we all need just to take that one small step towards our dreams and take our fate into our own hands. For Dr. Valencia Moses, her sign was the free class she attended. At that moment, she realized that she had the power to change things now and start working on her business right away.


“I was working two jobs less than a mile from each other when I started realizing the difference in work environments. At one job I was constantly micromanaged. At the other job, I was appreciated, had autonomy and agency. It wasn’t until I took the CliftonStrengths Assessment that I had data about myself and language to better advocate for myself. I wanted to figure out how to do more work in the kind of spaces where my talents were valued. 


I had a lightbulb moment while sitting in a free class held by a non-profit and I knew it was time to take the leap of faith to start my own coaching company. I wanted to support others on their journey of self-awareness and personal leadership to contribute to the changes people long to see. 


When we know who we are, how we shine, and what we bring to the table, we can be the best version of ourselves and achieve success on our own terms. I love putting my strengths to work to help people experience transformation in their personal and professional lives. Be Vibrant Today! Be the BEST you on purpose!”

- Dr. Valencia Moses | Vibrant Coaching

#3 Discovering a New Passion in a Challenging Environment


Being in a male-dominated industry is not an easy feat for a woman. There are a lot of challenges to overcome, from societal to cultural norms; the list is almost endless. Although we have taken a great leap since the last century in women's empowerment, many things still need to be done. Zeina Habib discovered what it is by finding a new passion during a challenging time in her career.


“I started my career in the construction world in Lebanon, an industry known to be male-dominated. It was a huge challenge to find my own leadership style and voice while still feeling connected to my colleagues and society. It was a challenge staying authentic and caring in such a rough environment until I got the opportunity to experience coaching.


Something shifted in me, and I knew coaching, training, and inspiring others was my calling. It changed my way of dealing with everyone at work and shifted my perspective. It opened my eyes to the need for women empowerment and coaching in the region. Ever since, my mission has been to empower women in the MENA region to connect to their inner voice and purpose and become better resilient leaders.”

- Zeina Habib | Voice Within Coach and Trainer


#4 “Hitting the Glass Ceiling”

If you’ve been working in your industry for a while, you all know how this feels. No matter what stage we are in life, growth and advancement are essential to our well-being and longevity in our careers. At times, we can achieve this by staying in our lane. But for some, it takes getting out of their comfort zone and starting their own business. That’s what Charise Wilson did.

“After several years of working as a career advisor in Higher Education, I realized I had hit a glass ceiling. The organization had little opportunity for growth, innovation, or advancement. I kept trying to network and find ways to create opportunities to use my twenty years of acquired expertise but was not finding a solution until attending the 2019 PARW/CC conference. That was a pivotal moment for me. I realized that there were so many talented professionals out there helping diverse populations all over the country and doing it successfully! This energized and motivated me.


I decided right then and there to start my own business. I thought to myself, "If my current career was not providing me with opportunities, then I'll build programming on my own terms!" It was so exciting and really fulfilling. I remember thinking that I'll do this on the side for 3 to 5 years then transition. Well, as the story goes, I actually ended up leaving my role and pursuing my passion full time (helping people unlock and open doors to career success). That was almost 3 years ago. No regrets!”

- Charise Wilson | Workforce Ready Solutions, LLC.

#5 Hearing Advice From Loved Ones

When Diane Helbig was faced with deciding which path to take, she found that support from her loved ones and friends was essential in making a confident choice. Her family and friends had always been there with encouraging words or by just being an ear when needed - but what they didn't know was how much their encouragement helped her change everything. She gained the confidence to leap into entrepreneurship from their support and in the memory of her loving father.

“When my father passed away suddenly in late 2005, my sister and I started talking about how we wanted to do something that had more of an impact. I also wanted to have more flexibility with my young kids. So, I started exploring options. My sister suggested I become a marriage counselor. And then my best friend suggested I become a life coach because I like to tell people what to do. I had no idea what that was. 


Upon doing some research I realized being a business coach was more likely. I could take all I had learned and experienced throughout my career, as well as the lessons I had learned from my father, and have a positive impact on small businesses. So, I attended an introductory call by The Coach Training Alliance to learn more about coaching. Throughout the call I found myself writing over and over again ‘I can do this!’ It was the aha moment I had that told me this was exactly what I should be doing.”


- Diane Helbig | Helbig Enterprises


#6 Discovering That People Feel Comfortable Sharing Their Problems With Them

Being a good listener is essential in any work, especially in health care. Pinky Ghadiali was an optometrist before she took the leap in starting her own business. She found out that she can be a personal and business coach accidentally when people come in to get their eyes checked but also share their problems at the same time. Experiencing it several times made her decide that this was the path she wanted to take in her career.


“Since 2001 I was working as an Optometrist and patients used to come and see me to tell me not just about their eye problems but also their life or business challenges. This often led to them being emotional and crying in my chair. I realized that I would need an endless supply of tissues!


My passion and skill were highlighted to me during my career and I wanted to use my talent to be a coach and help people change their lives and their worlds.


That's when my journey to become a business owner and entrepreneur started. I qualified as a Master Practitioner in NLP and hypnosis aligned with transforming lives which then gave me the tools to help leaders become better, get promotions, make better decisions and make more money! I love what I do.”

- Pinky Ghadiali |

If you can relate to any of these signs, it might be time for you to finally start your business. Becoming an entrepreneur is a big decision, but nothing can stop you if you have the passion and drive to make it happen. What are you waiting for? These signs might be telling you that it’s time to take the plunge.