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the future of work
Future of

work from anywhere

    In the future of work, your office is everywhere. Your dining room. A coffee shop. A hotel lobby.

    Find tools, tips and inspiration to keep you productive on the go, go, go.

      What’s in my work bag?

      When you don’t have a permanent workspace, staying organized is a must. This tech startup founder and mom of two has it In the (work) bag.

      Hint: energizing snacks don’t hurt.

      “Instantly shares my contact info. The new (digital) business card!”

      “So much easier than typing on my phone at a coffee shop or lacrosse practice.”

      Future of

      remote & hybrid

      Go from no space to cozy workspace with this foldable desk on demand. Plenty of room for your supplies and even a whiteboard for to-dos or motivational messages.

      Meet your new home base for meetings, missions and more. Wire management, cup holder and headphone hook FTW!

      Future of

      small businesses

      Make more with every swipe, chip and tap. Here’s the scoop: With no monthly payments and just 2.75% per transaction, it’s the least expensive way to accept payments anywhere.

      Rise of the pod

      Nearly one million new podcasts launched in 2020. Join the club and let customers get to know, like and trust you. We have the tools to help you get your show off the ground.

      Future of

      safe travel

      Whenever you’re ready to head out on a business trip or plan a family vacation, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

      TSA PreCheck®

      Why put your shoes and personal belongings in high-touch bins? Enjoy stress-free security. Get started at

      Step into the future of work with the latest Possibilities guide

      Download and flip through for the innovative new tools you need to stay connected, productive and engaged wherever you're working or running your business.