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Can you tell we’re really, really, really excited about signs? Our sign-studded music video will open up your eyes — to all the possibilities for your business!


This is your sign to print big at Staples today.

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Our promise to you

We’re committed to quality and getting the job done right every time. Discover more ways to bring your big ideas to life at Staples, where small business prints big.

Tips and inspiration for your business


Getting people’s attention to come into your physical location or clicking on your online promotion is the first step to getting them engaged with your brand. Amazing service and exceptional products create loyal customers but how do you get their attention for the first time and keep them coming back for more? Here are five things you can do to get customers to notice you.

Author -Sharon Brewster
Sharon Brewster
Feb 24
2 min read


You've probably been thinking about starting your own business for a while. Maybe you've even taken the plunge and started your own company on the side. But how do you know if entrepreneurship is really for you?  Here are 6 signs that led some entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Author -Staples Spotlight
Staples Spotlight
Feb 24
5 min read


Do you know why approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of operations? Some may say that it is the lack of planning, limited funding sources, or marketing approach, which are valid reasons. However, beyond that, part of the business journey is the investment you make in yourself and the bold actions that are needed to scale your business.  Here are five key reminders to help you make that mindset shift as you start your new business: 

Author -Jessica Sanon
Jessica Sanon
Mar 7
3 min read