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"Submitting presentations to the boss, storing an entire year's worth ofaccounting information or filing important documents is simple with binders,folders and accessories. Ensure that binders meet business demands with anassortment of office binder accessories, such as tabbed dividers,pockets, sheet protectors and more. Hanging folders and binders letusers categorize and subcategorize documents in a filing cabinet, ensuringquick access to needed documents without taking up any valuable shelfspace.

Wide Variety Available
Binders, folders and accessories, including dividers and sheetprotectors, keep all types of important business documents organized and safelystored. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and applications to meetany business' demands -- including a variety of ring configurationslike zipper binders to keep loose contents secure and attractive presentation binders. Make sure binders are used to their full potentialwith the help of additional accessories, such as dividers and inserts. Pocket binder folders and report covers are ideal for submittingprofessional-looking presentations.

Binder Accessories
Organize and protect the material within binders, folders and referencematerials with the right accessories. Sheet protectors come in a standard 8.5 x11 inches or in specialty sizes, and they fit nicely into standardand presentation binders to keep pages free from stains,smudges and tears. Tabbed dividers let users categorize sheetswithin binders, folders and files, eliminating endlesssearches for particular pages inside office binders.

Binder Pockets
Made of plastic or paper, pocket folder binders can hold materials suchas brochures, CDs and business cards when used inside foldersand binders. They are available in nearly any color and often come inmultipacks to fulfill the needs of larger offices. Store receipts in a minipocket folder for easy record keeping, or add your business card to a stack of office binders with adhesive pockets designed to stick to the interioror exterior of the binder."


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