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Hard Drives & Data Storage

Uses hard drives and data storage devices to ensure all your essential data is safe and secure. Select internal hard drives to upgrade your desktop or laptop computer. Choose external hard drives for a portable data transfer solution when moving between home and the office or class.

Internal Computer Storage
Hard drives and data storage devices come in sizes specifically designed to fit inside your laptop or desktop computer. Choose SATA 6.0 desktop hard drives from Western Digital with storage capacities from 500 GB to 4 TB that can accommodate your important work documents and at-home media essentials. Discover Toshiba notebook hard drives with fast transfer rates for your on-the-go computing needs. Find solid-state drives from Kingston that help preserve the integrity of vital data.

Convenient Extra Storage
Use external hard drives and data storage devices for convenient extra storage and data backups. Select portable drives from brands such as Lacie and Seagate to take your data essentials with you when you're traveling or commuting. Discover USB drives that transfer data between devices with simple plug-and-play functionality. Select flash drives from top brands like SanDisk, PNY and Lexar when you need extra memory for your smartphone, digital camera, or camcorder.

Read Data Quickly
Read data quickly from hard drives and data storage devices using convenient memory card readers and adapters. Choose adapters from Staples that connect via USB cable that read a multitude of media types, or select a simple SD reader from Kodak to quickly transfer photos or videos from your camera to your computer. Discover card readers from Verbatim designed for quicker data transfer thanks to their USB 3.0 connectivity.


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