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Organize Your Files

Your files, your way.
The best way to create an efficient, organized filing system is to find ways to tailor it to your specific needs and filing style so it works best for you.

Of course, you will want to take the proper steps to make sure your filing system is easy enough to use that, if necessary, someone else can quickly access important files.

Colored file folders:
Even the most organized filers can make their filing systems more efficient with color.

Use a different color to make each category stand out. For instance, use the same color for a group of folders containing projects that are "in progress".

Active storage:
For instant access to important files, consider setting up an "active storage" system.

Active storage systems use portable, yet heavy-duty containers. For increased storage capacity, look for holders that stack.

Desktop file sorters:
Keep your files accessible, and "accessible" doesn't have to mean "in your way". It simply means keeping your files out of your way, but not out of reach.

Start by sorting the paper on your desk into categories, then file them using a desktop file sorter, letter trays, shelves or a combination of all three.

Desktop letter trays:
An effective filing system is attainable, and it starts with just 4 letter trays:
To do - For pending work
To route - For files to forward
To read - For non-priority files
To file - For work to be filed


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