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Pricing & Tagging Guns

Shop Staples for Pricing Guns and Labels: Today Getting your merchandise properly priced and labeled is something every retailer has to stay on top of and Staples is pleased to provide top-of-the-line pricing guns and labels for this purpose. You want your customers to instantly identify prices so they can make an on-the-spot purchasing decision.

If you already have the SSW 1-line labeler, you can choose labels in multiple colors. These price tags are designed for effortless and easy affixing to your inventory. Your customers can avoid any confusion when they read the straightforward one-line pricing on each label. They come in fluorescent red, purple, yellow, orange, green, pink, blue and the red/yellow “Sale” blend.

Two-line self-adhesive pricing gun labels are available in the same colors and are compatible with the SSW 2-line labeler. Consider using the “Reg Price/Our Price” labels on inventory you’d like to move fast. They come in a red and white cross-out design, which is an effective way to demonstrate regular prices in contrast with more attractive sale prices. We also carry Avery Monarch price marking labels in a host of colors, available in 1-line or 2-line labels. Avery pricing guns and ink roller refills can be purchased as well. These pricing guns come with simple drop-in loading and are efficient tools. Avery price marking labels include the model 22-8, compatible with Monarch pricing guns.

Looking for discount stickers to clearly mark sales mark-down percentages? You can get these in classic red on white in various percentages: 20, 30 and 50% off sales. Circle button stickers in bright colors can be purchased in rolls and wrap-around clothing labels can be purchased in various sizes (e.g. “XS”). You can find all this and more below in our complete pricing guns and labels inventory.


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