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Restaurant Aprons & Gloves

Restaurant aprons keep chefs and servers looking fresh and professional. Meanwhile, gloves provide that added level of food safety your customers deserve. Aprons made of durable cotton and polyester are easily machine washable and hold up to the toughest day on the restaurant floor.

Buy disposable food-handling gloves in bulk to save on costs, choosing from a variety of sizes to make sure every worker has the perfect fit. Pick up knit gloves to have on hand for emergency repairs.

Professional Chefs
White chef's aprons set the right tone for any professional kitchen; choose from simple tie-on aprons with pencil pockets, pouch pockets, or bib pockets. Add to the professional look of your kitchen by choosing chefwear that's crisp and comfortable. If you want a special and sophisticated look, opt for black aprons that don't show spills.

Sophisticated Server Styles
Waist aprons for your restaurant's servers come in colors including blue, burgundy, and green, with black and white thrown in for good measure. Pick a four-pocket variety to make sure your servers are well-supplied with everything they need each time they stop at a table, choose a reversible option so that your servers continue to look clean, or go for a below-the-knee bistro apron. Select disposable aprons for your food service employees who aren't on the restaurant floor and say good-bye to your cleaning bill.

Fun Aprons for Any Occasion
Home cooks and barbecue mavens can choose from a delightful array of colorful, peppy cotton aprons. Pick your favorite decorations or clever sayings to remind your guests about the rules of barbecuing and the importance of the chef.


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