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Office Telephones

Staples has a wide selection of phones to help suit your needs. We have great deals on Single Line, Multi Line, Conferencing and New Retro Telephones. And don't forget the accessories. Check out our assortment from top brands like RCA, AT&T, Ooma,V-Tech, and more.
  • Basics: Consider where you will be using your phone system to narrow your search. Our large assortment of single and multi-line, corded and cordless phones offers a variety of features that make communication a breeze. Keep work and home life separate, enjoy cordless flexibility, or bring it all together with a system that’s suited to you.
  • A VoIP Telephone: Save on home and small business phone service with a VoIP device. Using your high-speed Internet connection, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allows you to make phone calls over the Internet. Save money on your monthly phone bill without sacrificing quality or convenience. You can use your existing phones and transfer your current number..

    Mobility: Whether you’re looking for one or even 12 handsets, you can find a system to fit your requirements. Many models come in configurations of up to five handsets for great accessibility in multiple rooms in your home. Need more? A large selection of accessory handsets provides expandability options. For the most flexibility on your calls, select models include a cordless headset or cordless headset compatibility.

    Features: Many of our most popular models feature a Caller ID/Call Waiting built right in, so you’ll always know who’s calling and can easily access missed calls. Other features, such as handset and base speakerphones, Push-to-Talk functionality and call conferencing, let you do more with your calls.

    Digital Answering System: By choosing a phone with an answering system, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing you’ll never miss an important message, without the extra cost of a voicemail subscription.

    Connect to Cell™: Pair your cell phone to your phone system using Connect to Cell technology and enjoy the freedom to make and receive cellular calls with all the comforts of a home phone system. By downloading your cellular phonebook directly onto the handsets, you’ll have quick access to all your contacts from any room. Plus, you can use up to two cellular lines and one landline all at once. It’s virtual multi-line operation!


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