Easel Pads

Easel pads are an excellent tool for sharing information in meetings or classrooms. They also enable easy collaboration during group projects or planning sessions. Easel-friendly paper products in a broad range of sizes and formats from manufacturers such as Post-it and Pacon are available at Staples.

Easel Pads That Come In All Sizes
Because they're designed for sharing, these products are larger than traditional writing paper, so the information they contain is visible to everyone in the room. The smallest are typically 18 x 24 inches, while the largest are about 25 x 30 inches. Many products are available in both portrait and landscape styles. Portrait pads are ideal for written meeting notes or bullet points, while landscape pages may be a better choice for sketching designs, flowcharts or graphs. Many pads, especially larger types, require an easel frame or wall mount for support, but some products include a fold-out base that keeps pages upright. These products are an excellent tool for staff or trainers who present information at client sites or in classrooms and are looking for new back to school supplies.

Flexible Easel Pad Formats
Chart paper comes in a range of finishes designed to meet a variety of workspace and classroom needs. Plain white pages are an outstanding choice for brainstorming new ideas without constraints, while pages with gridded lines offer support for charts, technical drawings or structured diagrams. Lined pages keep text organized and legible, and some products have widely spaced or double-ruled lines created for use in classrooms. They're ideal for teaching letter basics to younger students. Most easel paper is made of heavy stock that works well with markers.

Easel Pads That Offer Additional Display Options
While traditional paper pads are a good way to share information with a group, some easel products offer additional display options. Dry erase whiteboards are ideal for keeping changing information up to date without copying text or drawings to new pages. Sticky paper lets you hang multiple pages on walls or whiteboards to provide a complete view of meeting progress, and cling pages provide a highly visible writing surface when there's no easel available.

Easel Pads That Provide Solutions for Any Group
These products are available in a range of package sizes. Single pads with 10 to 75 sheets are ideal for occasional use, while multipacks with two to six pads per package keep busy offices running smoothly. Bulk purchasing may also reduce overall costs.

A Green Document-Sharing Product
Many pads for easels use at least some recycled materials, making them an excellent choice for eco-friendly businesses. Some products take environmental awareness a step further. They're made from 100 percent recycled materials and created using renewable energy sources. Most pads are also recyclable, which reduces office waste.

Sharing information is important during business meetings, presentations, and teaching situations. Easel displays are a simple tool that keeps everyone on the same page and provides a written record of the items discussed. These office supplies come in many sizes, including portable products that are suitable for travelers. Find easel pads at Staples designed for the classroom or the office.