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BULLARD Plastic Vented Hard Hat Standard
Item #1481971
Model #62FGR
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Hard Hat
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BULLARD Nylon Front Mounting Faceshield Bracket
Item #1482006
Model #312B
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type: Faceshield Bracket
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Sterno® Butane Fuel Cartridge (STE50162)
Item #STE50162
Model #50162
  • Long-lasting fuel works for two hours on a high setting or four hours on a low/simmer setting in a portable stove.
  • Odorant added for scent detection.
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Honeywell The Peak A59 HDPE Hard Hat, Yellow (A59020000)
Item #177068
Model #A59020000
  • Hard hat protects you from falling objects and impacts
  • Comes in yellow color
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Jackson Safety® 337 Dielectric Mounting Cap Shield Adapter, Cord Mounted
Item #564529
Model #14946
  • Visors are secured with integral plastic lugs
  • Ideal for attachment of Jackson or Huntsman visors
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BULLARD Polyethylene & Plastic Hard Hat White Standard
Item #1481970
Model #62WHR
  • Material: Polyethylene & Plastic
  • Type: Hard Hat
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AOSafety Tuffmaster Deluxe Headgear, Blue
Item #847564
Model #8250100000
  • Dimensions: 14"H x 8"W
  • Style: Five point ratchet
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3M™ Hard Hat, 4-Point Ratchet Suspension, White3M™ Hard Hat, 4-Point Ratchet Suspension, White
Item #MMMH701R
Model #H701R
  • Smooth, easy turning ratchet suspension
  • Optimized comfort with three levels of adjustment
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BULLARD Polyethylene Hard Hat with Pinlock Suspension Standard
Item #1481985
Model #51WHP
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Type: Hard Hat
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3M™ Full Brim Hard Hat With Uvicator, White
Item #1161362
Model #142-H-801R-UV
  • White
  • Suspension: 4 point ratchet
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Hard hats, cap parts, and accessories are a combination of products designed purposely to protect workers in different working environments. Hard hats are mandatory wear for people who work at construction sites, food processing companies, painting jobs, and welding as well as serve as helmets on occasions. Staples features a wide variety of hard hats, caps, and accessories for every work environment. Browse through the vast selection of head and face protection gear in the safety supplies section

Features of hard hats
The high-density, durable polyethylene shell provides advanced protection from both lateral impact and penetration of objects.  Ratchet suspension adjustment and self-adjusting straps allow the wearer to adjust the hat to a secure, comfortable fit. Some incorporate welder's lugs to accommodate the easy use of welding equipment. The ability to withstand radiant heat offers protection in working environments that emit heat. The suspension can consist of absorbent, terry cloth brow pads for additional protection. The hard hats are either lightweight or heavyweight for different environments. Some feature a smooth dome that ensures there are no crevices for the buildup of dust, cement, or any other dirt. This feature makes the hats easy to clean. 

Features of caps
The caps come in different sizes, shapes, and types for different needs and purposes. A blend of old school design incorporates resolute warmth to give the wearer style and comfort. The nylon shell is durable and resistant to wind and water, guaranteeing warmth and dryness in rainy weather. Incorporated button flaps with side holes enhance hearing. Reflective piping adds visibility and ensures safety in work environments. Soft fleece liners offer a warm fit and are appealing to wear. Worn under a hard hat, they are conducive for use in construction, refining, cold storage, and warehousing, among other workplaces. Baseball cap designs have lengthy brims and removable HDPE liners for protection. Adjustable slide-locks and terrycloth sweatband provide additional comfort.

Types of hard hat accessories
Caps are wearable alone or as a hard hat accessory to give warmth or add comfort under the hat. Mounting cap adapters are ideal for use with non-slotted caps. They consist of a coil spring with a curved protective aluminum channel. Face Shield windows have an ideal thickness that offers protection to the face from particles and harmful liquid splash.  They contain clear polycarbonate for visibility and several slots carefully drilled to fit into brackets and headgear of different sizes. 

Are there cowboy hard hats?
Some hats feature a wide brim that gives them a cowboy hat style. They protect the eyes from extreme light and the neck from sunburn. They feature high-quality suspensions that are easily adjustable to a comfortable fit.

In what sizes are the caps available?
While some caps are available in different sizes, others are a universal size where one fits all or most, which is helpful when purchasing online. 

What is the use of a bump cap?
The design of a bump cap offers protection against bumping accidentally or scraping. The liners come equipped with holes for ventilation.