Hard Hat & Cap Parts & Accessories

Hardhat parts and accessories let you customize hats to suit the needs of your company. Masks provide polarized lenses and eye protection, and straps keep important safety equipment in place to help reduce injuries.

Choose the Right Accessories
The customization afforded by aftermarket parts and accessories lets you match the safety features to the current project. This ensures that you have the safety you need without unnecessary cost or unwanted bulk.

Keep Workers Safe
Hardhat accessories work in tandem with complete hats to enhance protection at the worksite. Check out hardhats and caps for comprehensive solutions to head safety.

Straps for Security
Aftermarket straps and harnesses help ensure that hats do not slip. A snug fit enhances safety and helps prevent accidents from becoming serious injuries.

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Add to cart Iwatani Butane Lighter Gas Match (IWIGM5)
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Add to cart Honeywell The Peak A59 HDPE Hard Hat, Yellow (A59020000)
Add to cart Sterno® Butane Fuel Cartridge (STE50162)
Add to cart BULLARD Plastic Classic Hard Hat
Add to cart North® Slotted Everest Hard Hats, HDPE, 6 Point, White, Ratchet
Add to cart MSA V-Gard® Hard Hat, Front Brim, Slotted, 4Pt. Fas-Trac® Ratchet Suspension, Black, Each
Add to cart BULLARD Polyethylene & Plastic Hard Hat White Standard
Add to cart OccuNomix® Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatband, Beige
Add to cart BULLARD Polyethylene Hard Hat with Pinlock Suspension Standard
Add to cart BULLARD High Density Polyethylene Classic Hat Style Hard Hat