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AMA Medicare RBRVS The Physician's Guide, 2015AMA Medicare RBRVS The Physician's Guide, 2015
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  • Concise, authoritative text provides detailed background information on new 2014 Medicare payment rules and their impact on physician practice
  • Offers valuable insight and tools needed to understand the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) system
PMIC Collections Made Easy! - 3rd EditionPMIC Collections Made Easy! - 3rd Edition
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  • Packed with new information regarding the updated Fair Credit reporting Act, the HIPAA privacy rule, revised forms, phone scripts, and updated information
  • Unique color-coding system helps you code procedures faster and more accurately, while decreasing your audit liability and potentially increasing your revenues
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Intensive Learning
Whether you're studying to be a nurse, doctor, radiologist, or medical technician, medical books deliver the information you need to pass your tests and obtain your certification. Books describing specific protocols, medical terminology, and common procedures help you do your job better, while workbooks let you test your knowledge before a big exam. Medical textbooks keep you on track in class and provide additional information about topics your professor might have skimmed over during the lecture portion of class.

Reference Materials for Kids and Adults
Medical books serve as valuable reference materials when you're researching a specific condition or looking into details about anatomy, physiology, and patient care. Books about the human body give kids additional in-depth knowledge about science topics covered in class, while children's books focused on health care can help kids understand complex medical issues they might be facing and make hospital visits less frightening. Kids medical and health books with library bindings hold up well to frequent use by multiple children.

General Knowledge
If you have a general interest in medical and health topics, medical books aimed at the consumer market let you gain insight into the patient experience, specific science topics related to medicine, and public health policies that affect your own life. Historical accounts of medical care during earlier eras give insight into the development of medicine over the years, while health and fitness books focusing on alternative care help you integrate your own personal philosophies about medicine and doctor-recommended treatments.