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Staples® Peg Board, Hanging White Mesh
8% off
Item #2030227
Model #29486
  • Peg board to mount accessories from the Staples® Hanging White Mesh System
  • White wire mesh
Reg.  $7.49
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Azar Pegboard Organizer Kit 24 x 48-inch
Item #SS3928911
  • Color & Material: Available in Various Color High Density Fiberboard
  • Type: Organizer Kit
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DuraHook Wall Organizer
Item #1232071
Model #990-S
  • Two yellow bins included
  • Composed of polypropylene for durability
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Azar Displays Spring Load & C-Channel Pegboard 11 Compartment Pusher Tray, 2/Pk
Item #324857
Model #225511
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 1.75"H x 10.37"W x 7.5"D
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Azar Displays 6 Cup for Pegboard/Slatwall Plastic Tray, 2/Pk
Item #324614
Model #225580
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 2.62"H x 8"W x 5"D
Free delivery eligible
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Azar® Cube Bin Brochure Holder Cube, 4", 4/Pk
Item #82980
Model #256105
  • Use as a literature tabletop display or on pegboard or slatwall
  • Add a little variation to your brochure display with brochure holder cube
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Azar® 48"(H) x 24"(W) Pegboard Wall Panel, Clear Frosted
Item #83263
Model #700248-CLR
  • For use with flat surface
  • Easy to assemble
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Azar® 3"(Dia) Cup Display For Pegboard, 10/Pk
Item #82914
Model #224053
  • Use on pegboard, slatwall
  • 1 attached hook
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Azar® 2 1/2"(Dia) Cup Display For Pegboard, 20/Pk
Item #82915
Model #224055
  • Use on as a counter or tabletop display only
  • Perfect for eyeliner, lip liner, and lip gloss
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Azar Clear Acrylic Divider 7.5-inch
Item #1558633
Model #70DIV
  • Color & Material: Clear Acrylic
  • Type: Divider
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Deflect-o® S Hook, 1", 50/Pack
Item #272145
Model #20013
  • Hook is long lasting and conveniently holds banners or signs
  • Made of galvanized wire
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Extra Heavy Duty Pegboard Hook, 12"
Item #216596
Model #PHX12
  • Pegboard hook
  • Hooks directly into mounted pegboard
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Azar 4"L x 0.148"Diameter Pegboard Hooks, Silver, 50/Pack (700884)
Item #83107
Model #700884
  • Galvanized metal
  • Used for pegboard and slatwall
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Azar 6 1/4"H Wire Basket, Chrome, 2/Pack (300620)
Item #82982
Model #300620
  • 2 wire hooks attached for easy mounting
  • Chrome
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Azar 6"L x 0.148"Diameter Pegboard Hooks, Silver, 50/Pack (700886)
Item #83108
Model #700886
  • Galvanized metal
  • Used for pegboard and slatwall
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Pegboards are essential components of workspaces such as a garage, craft shop, kitchen, or shed. They offer an orderly space to place the various tools. Most pegboards come packed with accessories that help improve organization and save on space. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. Staples carries a vast collection of pegboards and accessories to fit various uses. Some of these accessories include workbench kits, hooks, and galvanized tool boards. Browse through the store fixtures and retail displays section for a variety of pegboards and accessories.

Types of pegboard material
Pegboards come in a variety of materials such as metal, steel, plastic, Masonite, or acrylic. Metal and steel boards offer more durability, strength, and sturdiness in comparison to the other materials. They also offer more resistance to sagging and warping and last longer. Masonite contains wood-fiber and resin, making it eco-friendly. They're best for lightweight tools to avoid warping and splitting. Plastic pegboards come in high-quality plastic or acrylic. They carry lightweight and medium-weight tools. They're easier to maintain and clean because they're rust-resistant. 

Quantity and load-bearing capacity of pegboards
Different manufacturing materials offer different load-bearing capacity. Materials like metal or steel offer a higher load-bearing capacity. Materials such as plastic offer much less load-bearing capacity and can only carry lightweight tools. The number of tools dictates the number of hooks required. Some designs are magnetic and do not require hooks. Hooks are available in various sizes and designs, allowing attachment of one or multiple tools. Hook designs include single, double, angled, curved, and loop hooks.

Peg board design and aesthetics
Pegboard accessory hooks come in a variety of materials, finishes, and designs, making it easy to match them with the room's decor. For example, J-shaped hooks hold both lightweight and heavyweight tools. They come in a galvanized steel finish making them shiny and smooth. Some hooks come backed with rubber pads, ensuring they do not fall during the retrieval of tools. Designs that do not have rubber pads come with zip ties.

What packages do hooks come in?
Hooks come in a variety of packages. Some packages come with assorted hook designs or singular designs. A small-scale package could carry up to 50 hooks. Some kits come with as little as two hooks.

What other additional features to consider?
Metal pegboards sometimes fall during the retrieval of tools. However, some designs come with cam locks and flex locks, which is a locking system that allows easy removal. Different pegboards come with different hole sizes. The standard sizes are 1/8-inch holes and 1/4-inch. Heavy-duty options sometimes come with a specialty setup designed to hold a certain set of tools, double-strength panels set 1 1/2 inches apart. 

Do pegboards hold on unfinished walls?
Pegboards come with a set of instructions that are user-friendly and illustrated to ease the installation process on a variety of surfaces. For unfinished walls, use studs for installation and drywall, use spacers. All installations require space between the pegboard and the surface for easy insertion and removal of hooks.

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