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Stamps & Stamp Pads

Ink stamps provide a quick and efficient method of marking documents with a bold and clear message. With a range of applications, from dating received documents to marking a return address, stamps have a multitude of uses in the office environment.

Consider stocking your supply room with a wide selection of stamps and accessories, including self-inking stamps, stamp pads and ink refills.

Self-Inking and Pre-Inked Stamps Offer Speed

Pre-inked and self-inking stamps make the process of stamping quick and clean. A self-inking stamp is designed to flip and hit an ink pad as you press down, combining the inking and stamping action into one movement and device.

On the other hand, ink is incorporated into the mold of pre-inked stamps. In both cases, the ink must be refilled at some point. S

Some options incorporate a dust cover that opens each time you complete the stamping motion, keeping it clean and precise.

Get Creative with Stamp Pads and Ink Stamps

The classic stamp pad and wooden stamp combo may lack the efficiency of a self-inking stamp, but offers a touch of versatility and flexibility, allowing the user to choose the type of ink and the color. Stamp pads are available in foam or felt material.

Foam offers a cushioned texture, while felt pads are durable and refillable. With a gel-based ink pad, you can make 100,000 impressions without needing to replace the ink.

Customize with Colors and Messaging

Preset message stamps offer a wide variety of commonly used phrases and are ideal for situations such as marking documents for filing or requesting signatures. Available messaging includes "Approved," "Scanned," "Copy," "Past Due," "Paid," "Void," "Received" and "Posted," among many others.

Some stamps are designed to incorporate multiple preset messages. Custom stamps offer adjustable messaging options, with a template that allows users to configure their text or logo, making them ideal for return addresses or custom signatures.

For clean and simple adjusting, stamps may offer a rubber type set, tweezers for placing the type set, multiple fonts and size options and as much as eight lines of copy.

With a date stamper, you can use a rolling type set to adjust the stamp to the correct date. A range of color options helps users customize and organize their stamped documents. Choose from red, blue, green, black, brown and more.

Refill Ink to Save Money

The lifetime of a self-inked or pre-inked stamp can vary, from as low as 7,000 impressions to up to 50,000 impressions. When the ink runs dry, you don't have to throw it away.

Refill ink is available, allowing you to extend the life of the product. You can either drip or roll the ink onto the pad to refill it.

Consider Other Options

Choose among stamps and stamp pads with special features such as Microban protection, which prevents microbe growth and the resulting bacteria-related stains and odor. If you want to maintain an environmentally friendly office, choose a recycled or eco-conscious product.

Some stamps are made of 100 percent recycled materials, and others feature a CO2-neutral manufacturing process.
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