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Wayborn Step Stools & Ladders

Step stools come in handy in a variety of settings including the home, office and workplaces. Companies like Wayborn offer them in sturdy configurations that can withstand several hundred pounds at a single time. They're constructed of wood, metal or plastic, and often a combination of materials. Staples carries several step stools to help increase elevation and reach whether you're looking for casual or professional units.

Choose from Several Styles and Sizes
When choosing an appropriate step stool, it's important to know how much reach you need. They come in single-step models or those with up to four steps or more. Smaller units work well for toddlers and preschoolers who need a boost to reach the sink or counter, while those with multiple levels help you access high shelves, cabinets or ceilings.

Some models have a flip-out design that's easy to set up, while others require two hands. Nesting designs fold into each other, creating a space-saving option when not in use. They're often secured with bolts between levels to prevent the unit from separating. Others fold flat for convenient storage between uses, fitting in small spaces such as beside the refrigerator or in a pantry or closet under the stairs.

Consider the Materials and Duty Rating
Stools come in several materials, many with a metal frame to increase durability. Most metal and wooden stools have hinges that allow them to open and close easily, while plastic models are molded for simple use and may feature interlocking pieces.

Be sure to consider the duty rating, which varies depending on the model you choose. Some can handle as few as 200 pounds, while those used in a medical setting can bear up to 1000 pounds. Choosing the right weight capacity is as important as choosing the right size, for safety reasons.

Why is a Duty Rating an Important Consideration for a Step Stool?
Every step stool and ladder comes with a specified weight classification, otherwise known as a duty rating. This rating determines how much weight the unit can bear at any given time, including the person standing on it and the materials they're carrying.

What are Some Safety Features to Look For?
When using a step stool, safety considerations are paramount. Many incorporate standard features that help prevent falls and collapses. Treads or textured dots on the steps along rubber feet help improve grip, keeping the unit firmly in place, and also providing stability underfoot. A handle is a helpful feature, particularly for those with multiple steps, and having an ergonomic cushion provides added comfort during extended use. Shoppers should also look for those that lock in place, which helps reduce the risk of the unit folding or buckling while in use.

Which Type of Stool is Best?
The purpose of all step stools is the same: to help access materials or areas in a higher location. If you have little storage space, a foldable option would work better than a molded one that doesn't have space-saving features. For households with children who need help brushing their teeth or reaching the toilet, a simple plastic molded unit is all that's needed.
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Wayborn 3-Step Wood Retractable Step Stool w/ 200 lb. Load Capacity
Item : WYF078275629419
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  • Retractable wooden step stool
  • 3 Steps
  • Smooth Finish
183.99 $183.99
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