H&L Maker Kamp Puts the Pieces Together to Find Success

Finding a problem and then building solutions is the basis of many small businesses. And it’s also what inspired Sean Hennington, Aric Loomis and Michael Slack to start H&L Maker Kamp, a New Mexico–based enterprise focused on helping high school students learn electrical and mechanical engineering skills. A runner-up in our Make Your Idea Happen contest, this business operates out of a 5,000-square-foot shop that offers access to woodworking equipment, as well as a tractor, race car and other machinery.

Staples caught up with Sean to learn more about H&L Maker Kamp.

Where did the idea for H&L Maker Kamp come from?

I got the idea from not having all the resources and tools that I needed to bring my imagination to life when I was a kid. I needed the help, and now I want to help out kids who don’t have the resources they need to do stuff. In high school, my main business partner, Aric, and I created a computer club. We want to start a club that would be an extension of our business, where we would help kids with computer science and electrical and mechanical engineering tasks.

Have you always been interested in technology?

I’ve been fixing computers since I was 12 years old. When I was a kid, I was always stuck with my dad at his restaurant and would always be looking for things to do. One day, I got a hold of his POS system and decided to take it apart and put it back together.

What are your goals for H&L Maker Kamp? How will you know when you’ve achieved them?

We want to create a working model for schools where kids can earn credit for extracurricular activities. Next year, we want to move it statewide and create a model that other states can follow. What it comes down to is we want to lead the way for a new generation of better scientists, better inventors and better engineers.

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