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Air Conditioners

Standard and portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers cool the air and reduce humidity in the room to give you a more comfortable workspace. Whether you are in an office, a retail setting, or a different type of workspace, ACs and dehumidifiers will keep you productive through the warm summer months. SoleusAir and Haier air conditioners also include those with just air cooling capability and those with dehumidifying functionality as well.

Operate From Across the Room
Remote-control-operated ACs and dehumidifiers let you control the temperature and humidity level of the room from your desk instead of having to get up and change the settings. Remotes are small enough to keep in your desk drawer or pocket.

Move It
Portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers let you position a unit exactly where you need it most. If you have to work in a different location, you can easily transport your appliance to wherever you need to go.

Turn It On and Forget It
Getting an AC unit with automatic shutoff ensures that you won't accidentally leave it on overnight. Programmable settings let you schedule when temperature shifts occur in your office. Pair it with an air purifier to ensure clean air in your office.

Our top standard, portable & Haier air conditioners will keep you cool when everything else heats up. Browse our selection today and enjoy greater comfort and control over your environment today.
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Stadler Form Anton Ultrasonic Humidifier; Metal
Item : WYF078276131600 / Model : A-008A
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  • Anton consumes low amounts of energy, emitting up to one gallon of clean, cool moisture into small to medium bedrooms, kid?s rooms, dorm rooms, or personal offices in size of 250 square feet
  • Anton automatically shuts off when his 0.8-gallon water tank is empty, and goes one step further by keeping you in the know with easy-to-read LED indicator lights that switch from blue to red
  • Equipped with the Water Cube, keeping the humidifier fresh, and an Anticalc Cartridge, collecting the white dust many other ultrasonic humidifiers emit into your space
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Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier; Metal
Item : WYF078277097774 / Model : O-023
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  • Includes a fragrance dispenser to freshen the air with your favorite pure essential oil (no synthetic oil, please), creating a relaxing or invigorating atmosphere
  • Environmentally-friendly? consumes low amounts of energy, emitting up to 2.4 gallons of moisture per day in spaces up to 540 square feet in size, counteracting the discomforting effects of a dry
  • Features 2 output levels, a memo function alerting you to replace the filters, and an automatic shut-off when the 0.9-gallon tank is empty