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Binders & Folders

Stay organized and efficient with these binders and folders. Each one is designed to hold multiple notebooks or stacks of paper, so you can keep all your documents in one convenient location. Choose from a range of products, including presentation binders, report covers, and pocket folders.

Colorful and Stylish
Keeping notes is more exciting with these colorful binders and folders. Show off your personality with a fashion binder and patterned folders, or use binders with bright spines to create a color-coded filing system for school or work. Many folders and binders come with faux-leather or fabric exteriors that reinforce your sophisticated style.

Convenient Sizes
Whether you're displaying a report or organizing all the documents for a project, you'll find an ideally sized binder. Specially designed 4- and 5-inch binders are ideal for archival purposes, while 1-inch binders are more comfortable to carry in a bag or backpack. 

Intuitive Organization
With these binders and folders, there's no need to waste time looking for specific documents. Many models come with dividers, so you can separate pages by topic. Use convenient adhesive tabs to create your own organization system and find specific items at a glance. Write directly on the tabs or choose printable tab labels for a more streamlined look.

Sleek Presentation
Show off your presentation design skills with a report cover that features a clear cover. Slip individual pages into clear page protectors to prevent spills and keep the paper looking crisp. For a comprehensive package, choose presentation books that come with CD pockets and pocket folders. Some items even feature a front title plate for a professional look. After your presentation, keep your binders organized on a bookcase for future reference.


Introducing New Staples Brand BindersIntroducing New Staples Brand Binders
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