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Blocks & Manipulatives

Blocks and Manipulatives- Create a Fun Learning EnvironmentLet your students play while they learn with blocks and manipulatives, including counting shapes, construction sets, and erasable cards, that capture the imagination. Place these sets around the room, and let students work in small groups so that you can teach multiple subjects simultaneously.Teach Across Multiple CurriculumsThese blocks and manipulatives are available in many formats that you can use to teach counting, sorting, handwriting, and vocabulary, allowing you to work on several subjects with the same class of students. Brightly colored bricks, shapes, and flash cards hold children's attention so that they stay focused on learning.Develop Motor Skills and Social InteractionIn addition to teaching core subjects, these blocks and manipulatives help children fine-tune their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These skills help your students excel in other areas like art and handwriting, making it easier for you to teach scissor skills and printing. Many of these building sets include pieces that encourage imaginative and group play, giving students an opportunity to work together.Durable, Cleanable MaterialsYour students put these blocks and manipulatives to the test with lots of hands-on use, and these wooden blocks, plastic shapes, and laminated cards stand up to lots of play time. Wipe down these durable classroom sets with the appropriate cleaners to reduce the spread of germs.Child-SafeEach set of blocks and manipulatives is rated for a particular age group so that you know the items are safe and appropriate for your students' stages of development. Products are available for babies, preschoolers, and elementary students, as well as for multiple-grade classrooms. Look for multisensory products and other materials that are expressly designed for special-needs students.


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