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Restaurant Seating

Keep a set of special seating for children to keep them safely in place and their parents and other guests happy. Booster seats and high chairs let your young guests participate in the meal with everyone else. Table gliders allow quick arrangement of tables together for larger groups.

High Chairs
Keep a set of high-quality, solidly built high chairs for families who bring along their babies to your dining establishment. Available in a variety of finishes, including walnut, mahogany, and natural wood, these high chairs perfectly fit in with your restaurant decor, and more importantly, make it more likely families will enjoy their meals while effortlessly feeding their little ones. The surfaces are smooth and easy to clean, and center straps keep the babies safe and comfortable. If the straps break or become too soiled, there is no need to buy a whole new chair: separately sold center straps are simple to install and fit most models.

Booster Seats
For older children, booster seats help them more comfortably enjoy their meals and participate in conversation with adults, keeping them busy. Solid polyethylene construction and nonskid surfaces keep your younger guests safe and comfortable. To keep kids entertained throughout the meal, make sure to have a handy collection of coloring books, crayons, pencils, and other drawing supplies.

Table Gliders
These handy solid rubber gadgets screw into the bottom of table legs replacing traditional caps, making it easy to fix wobbly tables with a couple of turns. To move tables for large parties or special occasions, table gliders allow your staff to easily and efficiently slide tables into place without damaging the floors.


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