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Knowledge Adventure Education & Language Learning Software

Add an interactive element to your classroom lessons with education and hobbies software. Each product uses a combination of visuals, audio, and text elements to create a memorable learning experience. Select from a variety of respected brands available.

Varying Subjects
These education and hobbies software products come in a range of subjects, so you can complement any classroom theme. Introduce students to a new language with products from Rosetta Stone or Instant Immersion. Help them understand world geography with maps software, or provide an entertaining lesson in addition and subtraction with basic math software. 

Easy Installation
Most of these software packages are designed to work with standard Mac and Windows operating systems. Operation is easy — just insert the DVD or CD and follow the prompts. For dedicated classroom computers, software that installs on your hard drive frees the disc drive for other purposes. Other programs run directly from the disc, so you can save computer memory and move easily between computers.

Hands-On Learning
With education and hobbies software, you can provide a hands-on experience for students. Typing software encourages students to practice proper form, while language programs monitor pronunciation. Since most programs walk students through each lesson, they give you more free time to work on lesson preparation or provide individual attention.

Convenient Levels
Choose from a variety of levels to suit your students' abilities and experience. For beginners, choose introductory or entry level software. If you are teaching older students, opt for more advanced packages, or provide a comprehensive education in a specific subject by investing in all levels of a specific subject and allowing students to work through them.
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Knowledge Adventure Jumpstart Advanced 1st Grade V3.0 for Windows (1-User) [Boxed]
Item: 944337 / Model : 8051667
  • 1st Grade Essentials: Learn over (40) skills in math, spelling reading and more and continue the learning with monthly membership
  • Reading Booster: Become a detective and learn essential spelling, phonics, grammar and vocabulary skills
  • Math Booster: Practice addition, subtraction, fractions and more through (350) futuristic lessons
Knowledge Adventure Math Blaster - Master The Basics for Windows (1-User) [Boxed]
Item: 944342 / Model : 2173332
  • Solve math problems while saving the world in this educational software program
  • Combines exciting, fast-action game play with state-standard math content
  • Builds confidence, speed, and accuracy in basic math skills
Knowledge Adventure Jumpstart Advanced 3rd Grade V2.0 for Windows/Mac (1-User) [Boxed]
Item: 944341 / Model : 2191278
  • Learning Profiler determines child’s learning style and adjusts play
  • Automatic leveling adjusts to child’s pace
  • Motivating reward system keeps children engaged
Knowledge Adventure Jumpstart Advanced 2nd Grade V3.0 for Windows (1-User) [Boxed]
Item: 944338 / Model : 8051670
  • 2nd Grade Essentials: Learn over (40) skills in math, spelling reading and more and continue the learning with monthly membership
  • Reading Mastery: Build critical skills including spelling, phonics, grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Math Mastery: Conquer challenges in 50 skill areas, such as problem-solving, estimating and basic operations
Knowledge Adventure Jumpstart Advanced Kindergarten V3.0 for Windows (1-User) [Boxed]
Item: 944339 / Model : 8051664
  • Kindergarten Essentials: Learn over (40) skills in math, spelling reading and more and continue the learning with monthly membership
  • Early Reading: Practice reading, listening, spelling and phonics in an underwater world
  • Early Math: Develop the foundation for math success while exploring addition and subtraction in outer space