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Educational Software

Children of all ages will love the educational software you can purchase at our site. Now you can have a direct hand in shaping your children’s intellect with these easy-to-use, research-based CD-ROMs and DVDs. Some of the skills you can help your child develop include:

  • Auditory processing skills
  • Comprehension and critical thinking
  • Spatial, temporal and social-emotional skills

These educational software programs can also be used in the classroom: They come with the ability to track data for an unlimited number of students. Teachers can use them to track students’ learning abilities and print progress reports.

Educational software reviews support the use of these programs as study tools that complement standard elementary core curriculum. Browse through our product selection to find the area of concentration your child needs to improve. These DVDs make exceptional study companions. Or, just purchase one to spend some extra quality time together. Learning together has never been so much fun.

Many of these educational software programs include light-hearted and engaging games your child will want to play again and again. Curious children will thoroughly enjoy fun exercises that help them practice answering the basic “WH” questions: Who? What? Where? When? and Why? Test your child's memorization skills with essential listening activities through the practice of memorizing numbers, words, details and stories.

Similarly, you can choose educational software that helps children practice language and sounds through phoneme drilling and R blends. They can also practice grammar and comprehension. See what children retain after hearing a story. See how they do when they summarize the main idea and choose a fitting title for the tale. Are you ready to get started? Choose yours below.


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