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First Play Toys

First Play Toys are great at entertaining young children who are just figuring out how to move around. These toys are fun and safe, and the colors and patterns that are used in their designs make them very appealing to the developing minds of children in their early years.

Safe and Durable
First play toys are extremely safe for younger children who are starting to move around and interact with their environment. These toys are carefully designed for very young children and are fashioned so that they are accident proof. These first play toys are also fire and stain resistant and are capable of withstanding lots of rugged use in both indoor and outdoor environments. These toys have no small pieces and are built so that younger children can safely interact with them.

Educational and Creative Tools
These toys also serve as educational tools that allow a young child's newly developing mind to experience new concepts such as basic shapes and colors. They also allow for new visual designs to be recognized. Outfit a playroom or classroom with these toys as well as wooden puzzles, arts and crafts kits, and art supplies to create a comprehensive playtime experience.

Fun and Entertaining
These colorful and whimsical toys are not only safe and educational, they also provide endless hours of entertainment for younger children. They offer many different ways to experience enjoyment while also encouraging good behavior. First play toys are excellent for young children, so they're suitable for classrooms as well as pediatricians' offices, day care centers, and other locations where young children need to be kept entertained.


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