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Flashlights & Lanterns

When you are hunting through a supply cabinet or illuminating a safe path when the lights go out, flashlights and lanterns can provide light without sacrificing mobility. Our lights come in a variety of styles, from headlamps to penlights, so you can choose the perfect option for any job. Select from a wide range of brands, including MAG-Lite and Streamlight.

Bright Light
Our flashlights and lanterns provide just the right amount of light for any situation. From miniature penlights for detail work and tabletop lanterns for camping, you'll find the perfect option. Ensure long-lasting light with extra batteries.

Convenient Use
Our flashlights and lanterns are convenient to store and use. With options like headlamps, keychain lights, and flashlight holsters, these lights let you enjoy hands-free use.

Comfortable Grip
Each of our handheld flashlights and lanterns are designed with a comfortable grip, so you can hold them without getting cramps. Textured exteriors and ergonomic surfaces increase traction and reduce accidental slippage.


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