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Hair Styling Tools

Hair styling tools keep you looking your best. Presentation is very important when you're running a small business. Staying in style helps you make a great impression on customers and employees.

Keep Up with the Latest Style
Curlers, straighteners, and other hair styling tools can help you match the latest fashion trends with your coif. Businesses that offer hair styling services for clients should always strive to have the right tools on hand.

Keep Hair Healthy
Hairdryers help protect hair from damage that can occur when hair is left wet. Professionals on the go should check out travel sizes of many popular hair styling tools and products.

Look Sharp All Day
Beard and hair trimmers can help you avoid the dreaded five o'clock shadow or unsightly and unkempt mane. Look sharp any time with quality hair styling tools.
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Vidal Sassoon® 1" EcoStyle Energy Efficient Straightener
Item : 284311 / Model : 93574364M
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  • Auto shut off
  • Energy efficient straightener saves up to 35% energy usage
  • Compact design utilizes less materials while improving grip
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