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Health Sensors & Motion Controllers

Leap motion controllers track your fingers, hands, and other movements while you work, so you can record every movement as it's completed. Create art and music with this incredible motion-sensing tool. With its wireless capabilities, you can stand and move freely while you input new movements.

Compatibility and Application
Track your motions easily with leap motion controllers; these sensitive devices can track finger and hand movements precisely, making it easier to incorporate movements into apps, games, and other programs. A leap motion controller tracks all ten fingers and your hands at the same time, allowing you to move freely without glitches. The controllers work on Windows and Mac systems.

Track Movement
You can track your movement with leap motion controllers, pedometers, and camera glasses. Record your motions, surroundings, and other situations for personalized feedback and research with some apps and software, or use the controller as a three-dimensional mouse. Each of these devices provide you with a way to input movement, with leap motion controllers being able to control your technology from across the room and in three-dimensional space.

Create and Expand Your Database
With a leap motion controller, you can expand your database of movements and touch all while being away from your computer. With 8 cubic feet of interactive and three-dimensional space, there's room to move and to get accurate readings. You also have the ability to control your computer or device with this controller, so you can read the news, turn pages online, play games, and participate on interactive media without having to sit at your desk or use a mouse.


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