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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting illuminates your business at night, improves security, and attracts customers. Hanging lanterns offer overhead lighting for outdoor areas, while wall sconces light up key areas such as entrances. Save on electric costs by using fixtures that accept energy-efficient bulbs.

Fixture Type Variety
Flush mount fixtures offer easy installation on a wall or ceiling and are a very common form of outdoor lighting in many types of businesses. You can also install hanging lanterns to illuminate your outdoor spaces. These fixtures can be placed at a lower height than is possible with flush mounts, allowing you to tastefully light up environments such as outdoor patios. For further flexibility, fixtures that use just one bulb or multiple bulbs are available. As you plan the outdoor lighting for your business, consider whether chandeliers, wall sconces, or lantern posts are appropriate options.

Visual Appeal
Choose outdoor lighting fixtures that work right for your business. Modern, contemporary fixtures often feature simple designs that make creative use of metal and glass. In contrast, rustic lodge-style lighting offers a unique sense of elegance through design features like weathered finishes or the use of animal motifs. Coastal, Mission, and traditional lighting styles may also be the right fit for your location. Select from the variety of colors and finishes found across our outdoor lighting collection, ranging from sleek black and polished bronze to brilliant gold.

Energy Efficiency
Install a fixture that takes advantage of current technology and lower your electricity bills. Examples of energy efficient light bulbs include compact fluorescents and LEDs. Many fixtures allow you to use traditional incandescent bulbs if you prefer. Outdoor lighting designed primarily for security may feature motion sensors, allowing lights to remain off most of the time while turning on to deter unwanted activity.


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