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Drymate Placemats & Tablecloths

Placemats and Tablecloths- Provide a Clean, Attractive Dining AreaCreate a unique table setting with placemats and tablecloths that are ideal for use in restaurants, churches, and banquet halls. These table accessories enhance your guests' experience and protect your tables from spills. Find covers for every event, from kids' birthday parties to formal dinners.Protect Table SurfacesShield your tabletops from cuts, dents, and watermarks by providing placemats and tablecloths. Covering your tables during mealtimes keeps them looking good and saves you the cost of regular replacements. Placing a cover over an older table also allows you to get extended use out of a piece that is showing wear and tear.Keep Eating Areas CleanSwitching out placemats and tablecloths in between meals is an easy way to make sure the table is clean for the next diners, no matter how many times the table is used each day. Throw fabric covers in the wash to get rid of stubborn food and drink stains so that your table setting is ready to go the next day.Easily Decorate for Special OccasionsAdding placemats and tablecloths in a particular theme is a simple way to set the tone for your special event, whether it's a casual gameday party or an elegant wedding reception. These table accessories are available in many colors, textures, and graphic prints to fit any type of occasion. Combine these placemats and tablecloths with coordinating tableware to create a place that encourages guests to linger and enjoy the party.Use Disposable Accessories for Fast CleanupThe post-party cleanup takes only minutes with disposable placemats and tablecloths, letting you enjoy your guests without worrying about the messy aftermath. These disposable products are a cost-effective way to host a crowd for large annual reunions or occasional get-togethers.


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