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Batteries, Power Strips & Cords

Power strips, cords, and plugs from trusted brands such as Fellowes and GE provide an easier way to use electronics and office equipment. They also make it safer to use electrical devices in areas that have an inadequate number of outlets. Several power strips, cords, and plugs are compact enough to transport in a suitcase when traveling.

Power strips are typically a must for any business office setting. They are available in many different configurations. For added convenience, many come standard with a three-prong grounded wall plug and electrical outlets that accommodate most new office machines.

Regular extension cords are designed for indoor use only. Cord covers help to keep them flat on the floor. Heavy-duty cords, available for outside use, are safe to employ in inclement weather.

There are many types of plugs to choose from. GFCI plugs are among the most popular. Designed to stop working immediately when coming in contact with humidity or water, they are often used in kitchen and bathrooms.


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