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Restaurant Apparel

Uniforms and Apparel - Practical and Professional
Choose from a large selection of chef coats, hats, aprons, and server aprons to add an additional layer of sophistication to your back-of-house staff's look. Allow employees to customize their uniforms based upon personal preferences, and keep them safe by ordering slip-resistant footwear.

Fabulous Designs
Let your chefs' personalities shine through with their personal selections of fitted chef shirts. Achieve an attractive, cohesive look during catering events with all your culinary professionals decked out in chefs coats. Further enhance their professional appearances in the kitchen and in the event venue with functional, stylish chef hats that accentuate their attire.

Safety First
The right shoes help your staff work more efficiently, and with less threat of food preparation-related accidents. Slip-resistant soles protect your valued employees from sudden falls that arise from food and beverage spills along the line. They are also odor- and moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and designed for maximum comfort during all-day kitchen work shifts.

Cover Up for Comfort and Efficiency
Choose aprons in fun, bright colors for your back-of-house staff to sport around the kitchen. Select traditional colors, such as white, gray, or black, for catering events held in-house or at other venues. Keep large, disposable aprons handy for when your staff prepares large meals for events, or for when you hire a new back-of-house employee that needs an apron in a pinch.

Don't Forget About Your Servers
Server aprons make your front-of-house staff appear more professional and organized to your guests. Select long or short aprons that best enhance your server's outfits. Keep lots of cloth gloves on hand to elevate a presentation and protect their delicate hands from burns during special tableside service events.


Restaurant Resource Center

Opening a restaurant requires more than great recipes. We have the advice you need for everything from planning your commercial kitchen and setting up a successful bar to food prep and more.

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