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Learning Games & Puzzles

Add learning games and puzzles to your collection of toys and activities to make lessons more fun. Puzzles and games from Fundex Games, Educational Insights, Masterpieces, and Melissa & Doug give kids many options during in-class free time. Keep a variety of games on hand to enhance any subject.

Add Fun to Lessons
Make any lesson more fun with learning games and puzzles that directly relate to the subject at hand. Map puzzles help kids visualize where countries and states are in relation to each other, while games involving letters, numbers, and shapes help kids remember basic concepts without having to resort to intensive memorization and repetition tasks. Vocabulary and math games give older students valuable practice using the skills they learned in class and build confidence that helps with future lessons.

Develop Social Skills
Learning games and puzzles that require cooperation help kids develop their social skills, master the art of taking turns, and learn the benefits of working together with classmates to solve difficult challenges. Games that involve competition encourage children to reach beyond their comfort zones in an attempt to win the game or achieve a particular objective. Incorporate both learning games and building sets into your classroom setting to give children a variety of different choices, so they can practice different social skills at different times.

Fill Up Free Time
In-class play time and free time becomes easier to manage when you have learning games and puzzles that kids love. Fun learning tools disguised as play let you accomplish concept reinforcement while letting kids take control of their own learning for part of the day.

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