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Snacks & Food

Top-quality and nutritious snacks and meals in the break room are a must for any busy office. The line of Staples food for the workplace includes numerous items from popular name brands in the variety needed to suit all taste palates and nutritional regimens.

Choose from the Best Snacks
Snacks usually come in easily stored jars and packets with a long shelf life, ensuring there are plenty of items available for a hungry work crew or staff putting in overtime. Some snacks are designed to satisfy hunger pangs, such as potato and corn chips, pretzels, popcorn, peanut-butter sandwich crackers and bite-size crisps. Most of the best snacks have more nutritional value, including granola, fruit and multigrain cereal bars, as well as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews and trail mix. Beef jerky and beef sticks are available for the pure carnivore. Snacks can also gratify a sweet tooth, so choose from butter and chocolate-chip cookies, a variety of chocolate bars, sugar wafers and fig bars. All items are from name brands, including Keebler, Planter's, Frito Lay, Nature Valley, Pepperidge Farm and Kellogg's. These companies have built their reputation over many years by providing the best snacks that people love to eat.

Provide More Substance with Quick Meals

Workers sometimes require more than the best snacks on the market, so Staples carries a variety of containers and cans that provide hearty meals. Some of the food is ready to eat, including deli meat and cheese combos, along with fruit cups such as applesauce. Other ready-to-eat meals include packaged tuna and chicken salad and potted pork, beef and chicken. Canned peas, green beans and rice dishes as well as other light meals are ready for an office stovetop or microwave. Macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles and soup cups also provide quick meals. For the early-morning crew, oatmeal and cereal are available.

Enjoy Favorite Snacks and Meals

Staples carries the most commercially successful snacks and meals on the market. There is a large variety available in smaller portions or in bulk for large offices or busy workplaces. When you want to outfit a break-room pantry, Staples covers all the snacks and meal bases you need.


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